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Road Racing & The Law

Charles Cronin Posted by Charles Cronin, Solicitor, Motoring & Criminal Law

Road Racing & The Law

Taking part in a race on a road is a distinct criminal offence.  Although racing on a road might fall under speeding or dangerous driving, s12 Road Traffic Act 1988 states 

‘A person who promotes or takes part in a race or trial of speed between motor vehicles on a public way is guilty of an offence.’

The act makes no actual requirement for speeding or poor driving, it focuses on a race or trial of speed.  A race therefore could take place under the speed limit for that road.  It is even an offence if the participating vehicles take alternative routes!  Choosing an alternative route to a friend heading to the same destination with a view to beating them to that location would appear to amount to an offence under this legislation.

It seems that there must be at least two motor vehicles, a vehicle can’t race against itself for the purposes of the act.

The race can be spontaneous and does not need to last any particular length of time.

Anyone successfully prosecuted may face a fine and an obligatory disqualification.

Top Gear, watch out!

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