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Divorce, Separation & Children Law - Supporting Clients with Autism

Lucy Terrell Posted by Lucy Terrell, Associate Solicitor, Family Law

Divorce, Separation & Children Law - Supporting Clients with Autism

If you are facing a separation, divorce or a dispute over your children it is natural to be worried about the legal process. If you suffer from Autism, or a related condition, it can be a particularly unsettling and stressful experience.

Family solicitor, Lucy Terrell, has a particular interest and experience in advising and representing clients with these conditions and tailors her approach to address the difficulties her clients face.

There are several ways we can make the process more manageable; from practical aspects such as regular face-to-face appointments at suitable times and in the same meeting space, to ensuring clear, concise communication and giving clients sufficient time to digest information and advice before responding. 

If a client is required to attend Court as part of their case, we ensure special measures, that are known as ‘ground rules’ are followed so that clients are able to participate in the best possible conditions. This can include barristers asking simple and clear questions, providing regular breaks, as well as keeping the environment as calm and quiet as possible.

If you are looking for a family solicitor who understands your condition and is able to offer tailored advice and support, we can help. To find out more or to contact Lucy Terrell please call 01225 485700, email hello@mowbraywoodwards.co.uk 


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