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Excellent customer service rating clean sweep for Mowbray Woodwards

Excellent customer service rating clean sweep for Mowbray Woodwards

Amid reports that law firms are falling behind other industry sectors when it comes to client satisfaction levels and customer support, leading Bath law firm Mowbray Woodwards has bucked the trend with an overall ‘excellent’ rating in its latest client feedback survey.

In recent years, experts warned that the legal sector needs to respond to the customer service challenge and advised that the ‘clocks are ticking’ for those law firms that fail to focus on their clients.

However, there are no such ticking clocks for Mowbray Woodwards with the news that 93% of clients rated the clarity of advice given by its solicitors as ‘excellent’ and a further seven per cent rating it as ‘good’.

Looking at the quality of Mowbray Woodwards solicitors’ work, 86% of clients rated it as excellent and 14% described it as ‘good’.

When it comes to meeting clients’ needs, nine out of 10 respondents (91%) said that Mowbray Woodwards has an excellent understanding of their specific needs. And nearly all clients (97%) were very positive about Mowbray Woodwards’ speed of response to phone calls and correspondence.

These results come at a time when research shows that 60% of law firms never carry out regular client feedback surveys, behind other industry sectors, such as business consultants on 52%.

Only a small number of law firms who do survey their clients actually incorporate the results into their client records and an even smaller percentage use the information to benchmark their performance over time.

The research also found that one third of law firms do not maintain a regular relationship with their clients once a particular matter is completed, compared to 26% of accountants and 13% of consultants.

The report criticises many law firms for having a ‘disturbing level of tunnel vision’ about adopting modern customer service standards, which could ultimately make the difference between success and failure.

Jo Stevens, Marketing Manager at Mowbray Woodwards, said: “Historically, too many law firms have kept their clients at arms’ length, leaving them in the dark. We firmly believe the legal sector can learn much from other industry sectors such as retail and consultancy services where the customer is king.

“As a long-established law firm serving the residents and businesses of Bath and the surrounding area for over 70 years, we have always made a conscious effort to put our clients at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about providing the best possible service to our clients at all times. Our clients’ feedback is important to us, it enables us to do what we do better and if we’re not fully meeting clients’ expectations, we can find out why and take practical steps to adapt and improve our service offering.”

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