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We understand that dealing with the funding of care fees can be confusing and stressful. The funding rules can be complex but we can help you understand how the rules apply to you, and make sure you are receiving all the funding and assistance you are eligible for.

If you have property and savings, our specialist team can advise you on how to best preserve your assets to ensure that you achieve the best outcome in the short term, and protect yourself and your family for the future. We can also help if you have already received a funding assessment but are unhappy with the outcome and any decisions that have been made.

If you are in the process of arranging care for a friend or relative it can be tempting to sign the contract quickly in order to move things along. For peace of mind, one of our specialist team will look over the paperwork for you and highlight any issues that may arise.

We can also advise on the different care options available after a stay in hospital, including NHS Continuing Healthcare which may result in the NHS fully funding any care fees. We can also look at your estate planning needs and advise on the most suitable options for you.

To find out about our Care Planning & Support consultation please contact one of our specialist lawyers on 01225 485700 or email

With Heledd's help I have been able to plan ahead knowing I have the information I need. I appreciated that her main focus throughout our dealings was doing the right thing for mum and us as a family.

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“I have been a client since 1960, and my father was also a client. Consistently good service and peace of mind”


“Both my wife and I are extremely pleased with the service that David Whitworth and Mowbray Woodward have provided”


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