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Firearm & Shotgun Licensing Law

At Mowbray Woodwards our highly respected team of firearm and gun law solicitors provide specialist legal advice in relation to the revocation of certificates, including antique firearms, shotguns, and other firearms. 

There has been recent speculation that the police are reluctant to issue new certificates and are quick to revoke existing ones. The decision to revoke a licence has to be backed up in Court should the holder appeal. Find out why a licence can be revoked in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Our expert team of solicitors and advocates have an excellent reputation for successfully appealing revocations of firearm licences. We are not duty solicitors, we are specialists in this area of law.  

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View Why has my licence been revoked?

Shotgun and Firearm certificates have been revoked for numerous reasons including:

  • Breach of the conditions of the shotgun/firearm certificates
  • A lapse in shotgun security i.e. leaving it out of a cabinet, firing in dangerous circumstances
  • A relevant criminal conviction which can include drink driving
  • Conduct not resulting in a criminal conviction where the appropriate tests for prosecution have been met but where there is some evidence i.e. assertions of domestic violence
  • Certain reprehensible behaviours displayed by those sharing the same household as the certificate holder
  • Mental health issues
  • Drug/alcohol misuse

You can read more about why the Chief Officer of Police may revoke firearm/shotgun licences in this article by firearms expert Nicholas Wragg: Firearms & Shotgun Licence Appeals

View Can I appeal and get my licence back?

Yes, but it is important to instruct a solicitor as soon as possible. You have 21 days from receipt of the refusal or notice of revocation to appeal (however we can still help you if it has been more than 21 days). You can appeal to the Court for a number of reasons.

View How does the legal process work?

We offer a staged approach to appeals in order to best control the costs and expectations. Throughout this process the case is reviewed so that our clients have clear advice and guidance.

We will meet with you and determine the reasons for the revocation decision and surrounding evidence. This will give us a fairly clear view as to the prospects of success.

The next stage will be to make written representation on your behalf to the Chief Constable and/or attend a meeting with the firearms officer who made the revocation decision. In some cases we can resolve the matter without a hearing.

The appeal typically lasts no more than one day in the Crown Court. A schedule of costs may be prepared where there is a prospect of recovery.

View How much will it cost?

We offer a bespoke service based on each client’s needs and we ensure our costs are transparent from the outset. Your fees may be covered if you have BASC insurance in place. 

For further information please contact Nicholas Wragg on 01225 485700 or email 

View Nicholas Wragg - Firearms Expert

Nicholas is a qualified Solicitor and Higher Rights Advocate. He specialises in issues surrounding police misconduct, the revocation of unlawfully administered police cautions, firearms offences, firearms licensing procedure and firearms licensing appeals. Nicholas is experienced in dealing with high profile cases and has many Criminal Court of Appeal successes.

Nicholas is a member of the Law Society, is Police Station Accredited, Criminal Litigation Accredited and Criminal Advocacy Accredited.

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To contact Nicholas, please call 01225 485700 or email 

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