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Parental Support Package

Looking for help?  Be sure that you are doing everying possible for your child with our Parental Support Package.

An allegation of harmful sexual behaviour will be enormously worrying for all, but we work with the whole family to get the right outcome. It might be about avoiding a criminal record, or staying at school, or protecting your child's reputation now and in the future.

We have developed this unique package for parents in order to provide a clear explanation of how and when we can help. The package has incremental components to ensure that you get the right support at the right time. You can select the areas of support that will work for you. Please find further information about how the package works below. You will also find further information in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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View Strategy Consultation

This initial strategy consultation is how we begin most cases, and usually involves a face to face, Skype or telephone meeting lasting 1-2 hours. The purpose of the consultation is to devise a strategy for success in your case, ensure that we understand your needs and find a way through the problem. The consultation will be with one of our senior solicitors. We can respond to the most urgent situations, and by the end of this strategy consultation we will be able to agree what, if any, other steps are required.

View Parental Support Line

Once we are instructed you will know that you can contact your lawyer at any time, 7 days a week if necessary, to get answers and guidance when you really need them. We understand that allegations against your child can develop and change at very short notice, often requiring quick and urgent decisions. You’re not alone; we will work side by side until the problem is resolved. You don’t need to Google or search or wonder - have an expert on hand, 24/7. Whether it is by phone or email, our expert solicitors can always help.

View Evidence Bundle

Understanding exactly what has happened, what can be proved, as well as the wider context, is essential for the effective resolution of sexual allegations involving children. We see time and time again that detailed and careful examination of the evidence available on all sides is a necessary step in securing the best outcome, and worryingly often overlooked. This may involve collating statements, social media evidence, computer or phone evidence. Whatever is involved, in many cases being clear about what happened is crucial. Moreover, controlling the evidence is a critical part of securing the best outcome, and creating a high quality, legal standard bundle of evidence is a building block for success.

View Policy Documents

Most of the law relating to how schools, social services, police and Crown Prosecution Service should make decisions when confronted with allegations that a child has displayed harmful sexual behaviour is discretionary. This means that individual decision makers or departments wield enormous power of the fate of your child. Yet, surprisingly and often worryingly, many such decision makers routinely fail to either understand or follow their own policies, or fail to take account of overarching legal policy. Furthermore, the interpretation of such discretionary guidance can be a minefield. Conversely, having and understanding the relevant policies will put you on the front foot, and make sure you get the decisions right for your child.

View Written Submissions

In some cases it will be best to put in writing how a particular case should be progressed or resolved. This might involve a letter of representations, a formal legal opinion, or an overall set of submissions to influence a decision maker and shape the process to secure the best outcome. Sometimes, the clarity and precision of legal writing can be the most persuasive approach, whether that is to the police, a school, another parent or a document that can be used more widely to ensure the matter stays on track.  At other times, it will be better for the solicitor to work in the background.  We will do what’s best for your child.

View Avoiding a Criminal Record

We specialise in doing everything possible to avoid a criminal record of any sort for your child. This will often involve keeping the police out of it altogether. If that is unavoidable, it is essential that, wherever possible, there is no criminal record. This can involve everything from sensitive, professional handling of police contact, to ensuring that your side of the story is put forward compellingly, reminding the police of the various polices on handling children and young people in the criminal justice system, formal representations and legal argument, and all the way to Judicially reviewing an inappropriate decision to criminalise or prosecute. We have decades of experience of handling the most sensitive allegations, and most of the children we assist in this regard avoid a criminal record.

View Police Station or Court

If your child has to be interviewed by the police or has to go to court, our specialist solicitors will attend with them, alongside an appropriate adult, and will ensure that their side of the story can be told, and that their best interests are properly and fully advanced. With decades of experience in handling these matters, we are used to taking control of the process and ensuring the best outcome. Often the key to success lies in effective preparation. We leave no stone unturned.

View Support Pathway

If your child has displayed troubling harmful sexual behaviour, whether amounting to a criminal offence or not, and you are considering seeking professional support to ensure your child can enjoy healthy  relationships and sexual behaviour going forward, we can help.  We collaborate with external professionals who specialise in supporting young people through episodes of harmful sexual behaviour.  The Support Pathway will be bespoke to your child, but might involve psychological assessment, specialist therapeutic support, working with mental health professionals if appropriate or engaging with educational services. If you wish to discuss this topic further then please contact Matthew Graham, who has specialist experience in the support and rehabilitation of those who have displayed harmful sexual behaviour.