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Sexual Activity

We understand that for your child to be accused of sexual assault or causing or inciting sexual activity is a profoundly serious matter, but we can help.

The most serious type of assault is rape, which is when a person uses their penis without consent to penetrate the vagina, mouth or anus of another person.

Sexual Assault or causing sexual activity by a child without consent is when a child is coerced or physically forced to engage against their will, or when a person, male or female, touches a child sexually without their consent.  Touching can be done with any part of the body or with an object.  Sexual penetration is when a person (male or female) penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of a child with any part of their body or an object without that person's consent.

Causing or inciting a child to engage in Sexual Activity covers a wide variety of sexual acts with or involving a child, where the ostensible consent on the part of the child is irrelevant to the criminality.  This will involve sexual activity with a child under 16 or under 13.  The activity might be direct, such as an ostensibly consensual act with a 15 year old, or may be indirect, such as persuading a child to send a naked picture of themselves.  Inciting such behaviour may involve little more than suggesting that a child engage in sexual activity, for example on social media or a chatroom or chat app.  Almost all sexual activity with or involving a child is criminalised, including now a sexual communication with a child that falls short of inciting sexual activity.

If your child faces a police interview or investigation, or if they have to go to court, then you should urgently seek expert legal advice.  Early intervention can often make a significant difference.  If you have not yet received legal advice or if you have had the duty solicitor and you want ongoing expert assistance, support and representation then contact us now.

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