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Sexual Offences Against Adults

Sexual Offences against adults include Rape, Sexual Assault or Sexual Touching, and Abuse of Trust cases.  Such offences range from inappropriate touching at a party, nightclub or workplace, through offences arising within a relationship or marriage, to stranger assaults.  In all cases, consent will be an important issue, as will the nature and quality of any evidence.

If you face such an allegation, a proactive approach from the very beginning is crucial, with your reputation and everything else on the line.  At Mowbray Woodwards, we offer the full range of support, dealing not only with the police and CPS but also employers, social services and the media.  For many clients, establishing your innocence must be achieved alongside keeping your job, reputation and family together.

Disclosure of relevant evidence is a vitally important topic, and ensuring that all lines of investigation are completed and challenged is critical.  In a world where it can seem the 'victim' is always believed, you need to fight your corner.

We have a particular expertise and interest in representing those with Asperger Syndrome, other Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Mental Health issues generally who find themselves in the criminal justice system, and if mental health issues are involved in your case then we offer specialist support packages to ensure you or your loved one receives the right representation.

We are not the duty solicitor, we provide specialist, expert support to those facing sexual allegations. All of our team are highly experienced solicitors and advocates, representing clients in police stations and courts across the country. 

For confidential and impartial advice call 01225 485700 or email

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