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Motoring Legal Fees

This is where we tell you about our costs for motoring legal advice. Some people come to us at the start of the legal process and others may need advice once the case has progressed. We are open, honest and transparent about costs and the extent of legal advice provided at each stage of your case.

If you have any questions please see our FAQ page or contact us to find out more.

Please see details of our fixed-fee options below:

View Stage 1: Case Strategy Meeting

Our first meeting with you is the most important. Either face-to-face, by phone or Skype, you will meet with a senior solicitor or Partner to discuss your situation and we will work out how we can win your case or keep you on the road. The meeting usually lasts 1-2 hours and the cost is fixed, with no obligation to do anything further.

We may be able to get your case thrown out at this stage and you might not need a lawyer after this, or you might need the best by your side. The reason we have such high success rates is because we listen to you, understand your case, and prepare properly.

Senior Solicitor £250 +vat

Partner £350 +vat

View Stage 2: Police Interview

If the police want to interview you about a motoring allegation, having a good lawyer with you can really make the difference between the case going no further and having to go to court.

Police interviews in motoring cases vary widely, from a relatively informal chat in your living room to a recorded interview in a police station. In either situation you have the right to have a lawyer with you, and you should. When police officers are accused of a motoring offence they always have a lawyer by their side.

Senior Solicitor £500 +vat

Partner £1,400 +vat

View Stage 3: Court Hearing

If you have to go to court it is because the court is considering a driving ban or you want to plead not guilty. Winning in court is what we do best, and if you are worried about a driving ban this is where it really matters. Sometimes you do not need to attend at all if you have a lawyer.  

Experience is everything: our solicitors having been defending motoring cases for decades, and know both the law and the courts. We do not use junior solicitors or barristers. We do not send your case to another lawyer to appear in court on the day. It’s too important.

Having an expert by your side is the best option. We will do the talking for you.

Senior Solicitor £800 +vat

Partner £1,500 +vat


View Stage 4: Trial

If you plead not guilty (and the case isn’t dropped) you will have a trial, which is a court hearing where the court hears the evidence and decides whether they are sure you are guilty. If there’s any doubt, you win. We are used to winning. 

Most motoring trials take place in a Magistrates Court, in front of three Magistrates or a District Judge.  The Prosecution will put forward evidence that you are guilty, and we can put forward evidence that you are not, which might include you giving evidence in person under oath and bringing other witnesses. The rules about how a trial happens and what evidence can be put forward are complex. The best lawyers regularly win trials.

Senior Solicitor £800 +vat

Partner £1,500 +vat

View Appeal Against a Driving Ban

If the worst has just happened and you’ve been disqualified it may not be too late to fix it.  We can help you appeal the decision of a Magistrates Court to a Crown Court, and you can get your licence back in the meantime.

We offer an Appeal Package, which includes;

  • Case Strategy Meeting
  • Drafting and submitting the Appeal
  • Applying to suspend the driving ban pending appeal
  • Preparation for, and representation in the Crown Court

Senior Solicitor £2,000 +VAT

Partner £4,000 +VAT


View Examples of fees


Mrs J was a district nurse who was guilty of a minor speeding offence, but it meant she had totted up to 12 penalty points. She came in for an initial strategy meeting, and after going through her case it was clear she had a viable argument that there were exceptional circumstances to avoid a driving ban. She cared for her elderly mother, and was a single parent with two young children. She paid £250 plus VAT for the strategy meeting. Mrs J instructed us to represent her and senior solicitor Charles Cronin attended. Although we had a long wait at a busy Court, and she was very worried, she gave her evidence under oath well and we presented evidence from her mother, employer and the local school. The court found exceptional hardship and she was not disqualified. She paid a fixed fee of £800 plus VAT for the court hearing. Total fees £1050 plus VAT.

Drink Driving

Mr T had been caught drink driving, with a reading of 105 in breath and failing to stop at the scene of the accident, and had a court date. He was young but was well supported by his parents. Mr T came into the office with both parents for an initial strategy meeting. We had been able to obtain the evidence from the Crown Prosecution Service before this meeting. During a long meeting it became clear that Mr T was not guilty of the Failing to Stop charge and though guilty of drink driving, had very powerful mitigation. He paid £250 plus VAT for the strategy meeting, including obtaining the evidence. We then wrote to his doctor to obtain medical evidence and also wrote to the CPS. He paid for a further one hour of work, £250 plus VAT to get this evidence. At Court, the CPS dropped the Failing to Stop charge, and Mr T’s unusual mitigation was sufficient to persuade the court to sentence outside their usual guidelines and impose a fine and an 18-month ban. He paid a fixed fee of £800 plus VAT for the Court hearing. Total fees £1300 plus VAT.


Mr B asked us to attend at Court with him for a speeding offence, very worried about being banned from driving. We suggested he came for an initial case strategy meeting. After going through his circumstances and the circumstances of the offence we advised him that he would almost inevitably be given 5 penalty points for the offence. Although he was happy to pay a further £800 plus VAT to be represented at Court, we advised him that the outcome would in all probability be the same in any event. He accepted this advice and decided to represent himself at Court. He was given 5 penalty points. Total fees paid £250 plus VAT.

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