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One of the most difficult things to face after losing a loved one is a disagreement about dividing what they have left, whether within a Will or if there is no Will at all.

Over the years we have helped many families, individuals and those administering the estate to settle disputes that sadly arise. Our specialist solicitors have the knowledge and resources to help put it right.

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"I called on Dave Powell to work with me through a conflict situation that had gone on for many years and needed resolving. I was surprised how easy the process became once he became involved. He gave me the confidence to see the process through. I would thoroughly recommend him."

Dispute resolution client

Dave listened to me, taking note of what was important to me and acted accordingly which I really appreciated."

Dispute resolution client

“Just as you were recommended to us, we will now be doing the same!”

Dispute resolution client

Please let me take this opportunity to send our sincere thanks for your help in this matter. We were overjoyed with the result.

Dispute resolution client

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