“Choosing your firm to deal with my mother’s estate proved to be a very good choice due to the efficient and detailed manner in which the team dealt with this complex case.”

Probate & Estate Administration

Applying for Probate and settling an estate can be a long, complicated and stressful process. While it’s possible to do it yourself, many people ask a solicitor to work on their behalf, particularly if the estate will be complicated or difficult to settle.

If there is no valid Will, trusts need to be created, or there are assets and property owned outside of the UK, our specialist solicitors can provide expert knowledge and guidance throughout the process. We can help you understand the requirements of the Will (or what to do if there is no Will), apply for and obtain Probate, and guide you through the complexities of Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax to ensure you achieve the best outcome.

Whatever your situation, we offer a flexible approach and you can instruct us to look after part, or all of the estate administration. 

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