“Choosing your firm to deal with my mother’s estate proved to be a very good choice due to the efficient and detailed manner in which the team dealt with this complex case.”

Probate & Estate Administration

We understand how daunting it can be when faced with the legal, financial and practical implications of dealing with a loved one’s estate. Our expert team of probate solicitors will guide and support you through the whole administration process or simply provide help and advice when you need it. We can help you understand the requirements of the Will (or what to do if there is no Will), apply for and obtain probate, and guide you through the complexities of Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax to ensure you achieve the best outcome.

If there is no Will, or a disagreement about the division of assets within a Will, we have a specialist team who can help with Inheritance disputes.

We offer a Probate & Estate Administration consultation at £295 (including VAT). At the first meeting we will listen to you situation and any concerns you have, explain your options, and provide an estimate of the costs and timescales involved if you require further assistance. The amount of information in the first meeting can be overwhelming so we will send you a letter of advice afterwards, which clearly sets out everything we discuss and is included in the consultation fee.

Can we help you today? To make an appointment please contact us on 01225 485700 or email hello@mowbraywoodwards.co.uk