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Our team of residential property solicitors and conveyancers have extensive knowledge of Bath and the surrounding towns and villages. Our experience comes from years of acting for clients in the area but also from living here. We have doorstep knowledge of local issues.

We are able to pinpoint any concerns at an early stage with our knowledge of historic land use or potential development, as well as knowing which searches and specific enquiries are relevant for particular areas. What is now a housing estate may once have been a quarry, landfill or industrial site - this detailed insight is crucial when making such an important decision.

Bath has a significant number of listed buildings with below-ground vaults and we are familiar with the unique nature of these properties. We can advise buyers whether or not appropriate listed building consent exists for the current use, layout or conversion of a flat or building.

Wherever you are on the property ladder our specialist team are here to help. You don’t need to wait until you’ve made or accepted an offer before contacting us. To get the ball rolling, you can get a free no obligation quote here, by calling 01225 485700 or email



We have moved house numerous times using a number of different solicitors, Mowbray Woodwards were by far the best we have ever encountered, many thanks to Ian Tomlinson.


“Having never moved before we were both a little apprehensive about the solicitor / legal side of things (having heard nightmare stories from friends and families). You looked after us very well - I don’t know what all the fuss is about!”


“Conveyancing handled perfectly, thank you!”


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